We launched June 13 2022! Read details about our launch here. The game is still running with an active community!


What is City Clash?

City Clash is a collection of 3000 NFTs that each represent a real world city. The tokens are the pieces for a simple on-chain NFT win-to-earn game. The game is designed to change the life of a holder every week! The project is founded by Noah Bragg and Drew Bidlen, who are close friends, software developers, and successful Web2 entrepreneurs.

How is it different?

We’re so proud of what we’re building for many reasons! We’re introducing and combining several unique mechanics that we haven’t seen done before. The game will be entirely functional at mint, so minters won’t have to wait on promises of a roadmap- but will get to invest in an idea and play right away. We’re building City Clash with a commitment to decentralization. No shortcuts on our part means City Clash will continue to function smoothly, forever.

Tell us about the tokens.

The City Clash NFT collection is comprised of 3000 tokens, each of which is a real world city. Each token includes the city, country, point value, city faction, and country faction. City point values range between 1 and 30 and are determined by real-world data. Just like the world’s largest cities are statistical outliers, there will be significantly fewer high-point cities than low-point cities. Points in City Clash will be akin to rarity in other collections. Our tokens are also dynamic: both the metadata and the image itself will change as the faction that controls the city and/or country changes. We think that dynamic images that visually represent faction control is pretty cool. The game remains completely decentralized because all of those changes are made by our smart contract and all images are stored on IPFS. City faction and country faction change as the tokens change hands.


What is a faction?

Members of the City Clash community, including minters and all future holders, will be divided into three factions that will be competing in the game. Players will be able to contribute to their faction by holding City Clash NFTs. Faction size and coordination will be vital to success in City Clash. Factions will be able to communicate in private Discord channels. They’ll also have the freedom to self-govern, and we’re so excited to see the clever steps that factions will take to maximize their success!

How does a faction win?

Factions are competing for the most points. Points are earned when a faction captures a country. Countries are worth the sum of the points of their cities. The faction that controls the most points in a country receives all points for that country at that point in time. For example, if Nigeria has ten cities worth ten points each, and members of the Red faction own four of those cities, while members of the Blue and Green factions each own three, the Red faction would control Nigeria at that point in time, and Nigeria’s 100 points would be contributed towards Red’s total score. Factions are competing for each of the 195 countries, and the faction that has the most points is leading at any moment in time.

How will you keep factions balanced?

Factions were seeded with a snake-style draft, where we divided our Discord members up to start with even factions. Members who were especially active, or who have large social media followings, were highly valuable! The draft ensured a balanced start. Factions grow when their members invite new members into the Discord. Invites will be tracked based on the invite link, and each faction will have a designated link. Official City Clash communication include a generic link, which automatically adds members to the smallest faction to help keep factions balanced. Our website will make it easy for Discord members to authenticate with their ETH address to ensure they’re representing their faction on-chain. After mint, any minters or secondary market buyers who don’t already have a faction, or didn’t register their wallet, will be assigned to the losing faction, which should help balance the game in perpetuity.

Why did you include factions?

We see factions as a fascinating game mechanic, a clever way to ensure that friends can play City Clash together, and an effective marketing tool to boost the growth of the project and ensure profitability for its minters!

Weekly Battles + Payouts

Does the game ever end?

The entirety of the game pieces and mechanics are on the blockchain, so the game will run in perpetuity. That being said, each week will represent a battle. At a predetermined point in time every week, a separate smart contract, in charge of receiving and distributing royalties from secondary markets, will determine the faction that won that week’s battle and will include all token holders from that faction in a raffle to win that week’s secondary market royalties.

How does the raffle work?

Token holders of the leading faction at the end of each battle will be eligible for the raffle. They’ll receive entries for the number of points that they control and will receive bonus points if they’ve purchased a new city from a member of another faction that week.

The math is as follows: holders will receive floor((City Points Held / 3) + 1), and will receive three entries for purchasing a city from an opposing faction during that battle. We think this is a good model to start with, but may tweak things to keep the game running smoothly!

Where do payouts come from?

Weekly payouts come from two places: treasury yield and secondary market royalties.

The majority of revenue from mint will be deposited into the City Clash community treasury, which will be invested to generate a yield. 75% of each week’s yield will be withdrawn and put towards the payout. 12.5% will be withdrawn and paid to the team. The remainder will stay in the treasury to help compound growth.

City Clash royalties on Trove will be 10%. 2.5% of that is the marketplace fee; 4.5% will go towards weekly payouts; 1% will go towards growing the community treasury, and 2% will go to the team.

How will the community treasury be managed?

While the City Clash team has significant experience in DeFi and cryptocurrency investing, we have no intentions of actively managing the community treasury, and, instead, plan to generate yield by staking assets our community is bullish on. Initially, our treasury will be deposited into the SushiSwap ETH/MAGIC liquidity pool, which is presently earning 70-90% APR due to substantial emissions from TreasureDAO. We understand that these high yields won’t last forever, and we anticipate taking advantage of our partnership with BattleFly FlyWheel and utilizing their staking-as-a-service tools. Overall, we recognize that our community is generally bullish on MAGIC, and we are therefore willing to take the risks and rewards that come with investing in a small-cap token. If (wen?) MAGIC explodes and our community treasury multiplies significantly, we anticipate diversifying.

Does the community have control of the treasury?

At launch, the City Clash team will manage the community treasury, but this will be turned over to the community! The initial centralization of the treasury is our least favorite part of our model as it exists currently, and one of the first things we intend to improve on after mint. We understand that our control of the treasury isn’t ideal and hope that our track records as doxxed founders are satisfactory until we can implement an effective, secure approach to community treasury management.


City Clash Towers is our prequel collection. It started as 3000 single story tower NFTs. Towers can be merged together by burning one, and towers will be able to boost cities based on how many stories tall they are.

To learn more about Towers, please check out the Towers litepaper.

What’s next?

What’s on the roadmap?

We have several UI/UX features we want to improve on our dapp. We’ve also promised to make Towers mergeable into Cities and will deploy that within 30 days of mint. Lastly, we want to further decentralize weekly payouts and the management of our community treasury. Our partnership with Chainlink will allow us to take a significant stride in that direction by fully automating weekly payouts on-chain. Decentralized weekly payouts will go live shortly after Chainlink goes live on Arbitrum! Other than that, we want to hear what the community thinks of the concept and plan based on user feedback. We have some interesting ideas around trading and delegation that we’ll get community feedback on as well! We’re really proud of the fact that a detailed roadmap isn’t nearly as vital for us since what we’re launching will be completely functional at mint time!

Final thoughts

Thanks for reading this far! We’re so excited for City Clash and relieved we could finally share our plan in its entirety! Follow along in our Discord and on Twitter if you haven’t already!