Towers Litepaper

What is City Clash Towers?

City Clash Towers is a collection of 3000 single-floor tower NFTs. Holders can merge two NFTs to create a single tower with the height of the two combined (max 100 floors). To merge, holders select one tower to grow, and one to burn. This operation will occur on our site. Tower holders will get an advantage later, in City Clash, by burning their tower in order to increase the value of one of their cities. A tower will boost a city by the number of floors divided by four (rounded down), so a five-floor tower will give a one point boost, a 44 floor tower will give an eleven point boost. Towers shorter than four won't be able to boost a city.

TL;DR: You’re going to want to grow your tower!

Is this City Clash’s main collection?

No, City Clash Towers is a prequel collection to City Clash, a social strategy game launching later in Q2.

Wen mint?

City Clash Towers will mint on Friday, April 22 at 7 PM EDT. We’re limiting mint to 3 per address.

Is mint free?

Yes! The only “catch” is that to mint, you’ll have to answer a simple, three question, multiple choice quiz that simply confirms you know what it is that you’re minting. You'll also have to be holding at least 5 $Magic

What’s this about a quiz?

The free mint NFT culture on Arbitrum is a wonderful thing for making projects accessible to all, however, it has a key flaw. Minters have no skin in the game, so their incentives aren’t aligned with the project’s in any way. A super simple quiz is our attempt at getting the best of both worlds, an ultra-accessible mint to holders that at least know what it is we’re trying to build!

So what do I need to know?

If you’ve read the “What is City Clash Towers?” question, the quiz will be a breeze! If you answer a question incorrectly, you'll be shown the litepaper and get to retake the quiz after 5 minutes!

Why did you add an extra collection?

We decided to launch City Clash Towers for several reasons. We’ve learned just how hard building a community is, and it’s made us even more grateful for our OGs, so we’re building a little something extra to reward early Clashers. We see Towers as a simple, risk-free way of offering upside to our community!

Final thoughts

Thanks for reading this far! We’re so excited for City Clash, and can’t wait to share the rest of the project details in our whitepaper! Until then, you can read more about the project in our Litepaper. Follow along in our Discord and on Twitter if you haven’t already!