What is City Clash?

City Clash is a simple on-chain NFT win-to-earn game built on Arbitrum. The game is designed to change the life of a holder every week! The project is founded by Noah Bragg and Drew Bidlen, who are close friends, software developers, and successful Web2 entrepreneurs.

Why is it cool?

We’re so proud of what we’re building for several reasons! We’re introducing and combining several unique mechanics that we haven’t seen done before. The game will be entirely functional at mint, so minters won’t have to wait on promises of a roadmap, but will get to invest in an idea and play right away. We’re building City Clash with a commitment to decentralization. No shortcuts on our part means no need for users to trust or rely on us to keep the project alive.

Is this the whitepaper?

We’ll reveal the entirety of the project in our whitepaper, which will come in a few weeks, and will be released approximately a week before mint. There, we’ll outline the tokens, game mechanics, and how players will earn.

So what are you going to tell us?

In this litepaper, we’re going to introduce one of the primary mechanics of the project, factions. Members of the City Clash community, including minters and all future holders, will be divided into three factions that will be competing in the game. Faction size and coordination will be vital to success in City Clash. Factions will be able to communicate in private Discord channels. They’ll also have the freedom to self-govern, and we’re so excited to see the clever steps that factions will take to maximize their success!

How will you keep factions balanced?

Factions will be seeded with a public, accelerating, snake-style, draft, where we will divide our existing Discord members up to start with even factions. Members who have been especially active, or who have large social media followings, will be highly sought after! The draft should ensure a balanced start. Factions will grow when their members invite new members into the Discord. Invites will be tracked based on invite link, and each faction will have a designated link. Official City Clash communication will include a generic link, which will automatically add members to the smallest faction to help keep things balanced. Our website will make it easy for Discord members to authenticate with their ETH address to ensure they’re representing their faction on-chain. Any minters or secondary market buyers who don’t already have a faction will be assigned to the losing faction, which should keep things even in perpetuity.

Will factions be relevant before mint?

Factions will be our primary focus within Discord prior to the mint. We see this time as an opportunity for factions to bond, define their own identity, strategize, and compete for whitelist spots. Obviously factions with more whitelist spots will have an edge in the game, so these competitions will be the centerpiece of our Discord activity. These contests will start small, but will ramp up quickly, and will peak the week before mint. We’ll be hosting a “Mint Week Olympics” where each night of mint week, factions will compete live in the greatest individual and group games we can think of (Poker?, Rocket League?, Mario Kart?, Catan?, Minecraft?). We might even give factions a free NFT to give away in hopes of recruiting some of the top competitors in the world at each of the games. (Can you imagine if Daniel Negreanu represented the blue faction on poker night?!) Factions will decide for themselves how to select representatives to compete in each of these games, where whitelist spots, and even free NFTs will be on the line. We can’t wait for these events, which will be an incredible build up to mint itself!

Why did you include factions?

We see factions as a fascinating game mechanic, a clever way to ensure that friends can play City Clash together, and an effective marketing tool to boost the growth of the project and ensure profitability for its minters!

What happens now?

The draft is scheduled for 3/19 at 8 PM EST. We’ll share how to watch in Discord, and the results will be posted shortly after. From there, the faction invite links and faction tracking bot will go live and faction contests will start!

Final thoughts

Thanks for reading this far! We’re so excited for City Clash, and can’t wait to share the rest of the details in our whitepaper! Follow along in our Discord and on Twitter if you haven’t already!