Launch Info

Wen mint?

City Clash mint will begin at 11 AM EST (3 PM GMT) on Monday, June 13. Whitelisted community members will have 24 hours to mint, then any unminted cities will be available to the public.

How many cities are available?

1000 cities from 25 different countries will be available to mint at launch. City Clash will remain a collection of 3000 cities total, the remaining 2000 cities will be made available through launching the remaining countries weekly! This approach accounts for current market conditions, aligns incentives between the team and the holders, and adds an exciting layer to the game.

Mint price?

0.07 ETH per city. 0.05 of this will go directly into the City Clash treasury, which will be used to generate yield for weekly payouts. 0.01 will go directly the the team wallet, and will be used to fund further development of City Clash. 0.01 will go directly to the team to reward their hard work and make it possible to commit to the project going forward. We understand that 0.07 ETH is more expensive than the average collection on Arbitrum, but are confident the price is justified based on the small collection size and the fact that the vast majority of funds will be used entirely to generate holder payouts.

Where will I mint?

Minting will be done through our mint page.

How many can I mint?

During the first 24 hours, whitelisted community members can mint up to three cities. If mint is opened up the the public, anyone can mint as many cities as they’d like.