Cooperate to Dominate

A limited NFT collection + P2E game based on the world's largest cities.
Totally decentralized and minting as of June 13, 2022!

3000 Cities
195 Countries
3 Factions
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What is City Clash?
City Clash is a simple on-chain NFT win-to-earn game built on Arbitrum. The game is designed to change the life of a holder every week! The project is founded by Noah Bragg and Drew Bidlen, who are close friends, software developers, and successful Web2 entrepreneurs.
Why is it cool?
We’re so proud of what we’re building for several reasons! We’re introducing and combining multiple unique mechanics that we haven’t seen done before. The game will be entirely functional at mint, so minters won’t have to wait on promises of a roadmap, but will get to invest in an idea and play right away. We’re building City Clash with a commitment to decentralization. No shortcuts on our part means no need for users to trust or rely on us to keep the project alive.
Where’s the whitepaper?
Coming soon! We have so much more to share, but we don’t want too big of a lag between the whitepaper launch and mint. We wanted to kick off the faction building a little sooner, so we chose to start with the litepaper!
How do I win the game?
We’ll answer this thoroughly in the whitepaper, but in short, you’ll need to help your faction grow, strategize, and communicate effectively.
Can I pick my faction?
Those in our Discord with the “OG” role get to pick their faction, while the remainder of Discord members were drafted into a faction. From that point, faction members can refer their friends to their faction, so that they can work together!
Can we see the NFTs?
Sample NFTs will be shown upon whitepaper launch, as they give away information that we haven’t shared yet. That being said, we’ve designed the NFTs to look like they’d belong with a board game. There’s something especially cool about them that’ll be released in the whitepaper.
Do you have a roadmap?
We have several UI/UX features we want to improve on our dapp. We’ve also promised to make Towers mergeable into Cities and will deploy that within 30 days of mint. Lastly, we want to further decentralize weekly payouts and the management of our community treasury. Our partnership with Chainlink will allow us to take a significant stride in that direction by fully automating weekly payouts on-chain. Decentralized weekly payouts will go live shortly after Chainlink goes live on Arbitrum! Other than that, we want to hear what the community thinks of the concept and plan based on user feedback. We have some interesting ideas around trading and delegation that we’ll get community feedback on as well! We’re really proud of the fact that a detailed roadmap isn’t nearly as vital for us since what we’re launching will be completely functional at mint time!

City Clash Towers

City Clash Towers was a prequel mint that allows you to upgrade Cities.

Towers was a free mint and our way of giving value to our early community. Holders can merge two NFTs to create a single tower with the height of the two combined (max 100 floors). Tower holders will get an advantage later, in City Clash, by burning their tower in order to increase the value of one of their cities. More info in the towers litepaper.

Check out the Towers ->

The Team

Noah BraggCo-Founder

Noah is a software developer and entrepreneur living in Seattle, Washington. He’s focused on building bootstrapped software business in public, and is able to do so full time! In addition to City Clash, he’s working on Potion, a website builder for Notion. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, paddle boarding, and mountain biking.

Drew BidlenCo-Founder

Drew is a software developer and entrepreneur with a focus on data and algorithmic trading. He bought his first Bitcoin for $14 (but sold for $75 😞). He and his wife travel North America full time in their self-converted van. In his free time, he enjoys playing disc golf, beach volleyball, and hiking.

Ben MannFront-End Dev

Ben is a web developer from Bielefeld, Germany. He works as a freelance web developer while also working on his own SaaS businesses.

Stefan TrkuljaUI/UX

Stefan is a UI/UX designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He’s worked with many startups to craft incredible user experiences.

Chris RealeGraphic Designer

Chris is a graphic designer from Los Angeles, California. He freelances full time, and loves the variety of work he gets to do.

Join the community

We host Discord-only AMAs, drop alpha before we share with the public, and hold contests for whitelist spots. Discord is also the hub for our community to unite behind City Clash, as well as for factions to strategize.

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